Understanding the Particularities of Type E Employment Visas for Immigration in San Francisco

Becoming familiar with the most important types of visas and working permits can work a very long way when interested to apply for employment visas immigration San Francisco. As a foreigner, it is, however, very important to avoid tackling this process on your own, since you are clearly not familiar with all the laws and procedures. Instead, hiring a specialized attorney might be a better option.

There are more types of visas and they are also split in some categories. The type E category is one of the most common ones. It is also split into smaller categories, depending on various particularities and necessities. Generally speaking, this visa is not for everyone. Only citizens of particular countries can apply for it, depending on whether or not the United States and your country have an agreement for commerce and trade.

E1 Visa

The E1 model is one of the most attractive employment visas immigration San Francisco for those who conduct business in the area. The visa is given to individuals who conduct regular trading businesses with the country. The trading proportions must be substantial for this visa to be given.

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E2 Visa

E2 visa is most commonly given to people who plan to invest. It is specifically developed for investors, whether they have already invested in the country or they plan to direct an investment. The industry is irrelevant as long as the money floats within the country.

E3 Visa

Finally, E3 visa is among the common employment visas immigration San Francisco for Australians. This type of visa is directed to Australian citizens who want to work in the United States. It is different from other visas that Australians can get. Its one and only purpose is to allow working within the country borders.

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